Wednesday, February 21, 2018
  • Mangement +

    AusBIM are able to aid in the scoping and definition of Information Modelling for your projects, as well as aid in the management, organisation and extraction of the modeled data ready for any construction, asset management and or facility management based software suites.

  • Modeling +

    The capture and conversion to data rich BIM of existing assets such as buildings, bridges, plant etc Ready for Asset Management and Facility Management systems.

    Conversion of 2D design documentation for all disciplines, into 3D data rich information models.

    Project based assistance for information modelling.


  • Creation +

    AusBIM can aid in generation of complex quality BIM components ("Families") for your projects that can aid in reaching the desired Level Of Development (LOD) at various project stages. Design (LOD300), Construction (LOD400), Operation (LOD500).

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